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Lingonberry Jam, anyone?

It’s our first Saturday out of quarantine! We headed out to find some essentials for our new place while we wait the delivery of all our...

Army Lodging Continued

The first compliment Rose ever received was that “she was so organized”. That’s when I knew she was really, really mine. It came from the...

Mom Jeans

When I first found out about the possibility of us moving to South Korea, the very first thing I did was go out and buy jeans. It was the...

Day Twelve

It’s ALMOST official, we are almost out of quarantine! I haven’t written any updates because there is very little to update you on....

Hugh Grant or Huggies?

I first heard the word hygge about two years ago. It’s the danish word for togetherness. I’m not certain how to pronounce it but I...

Groundhog Day

Alright, it’s day four of quarantine lockdown over here. Thursday for me and still Wednesday for my friends at home. I didn’t bother to...

Day One

We made it! After 54 hours of traveling on three planes, one stop in Seattle, two stops in Japan, and a last stop in Osan, we are finally...

Irish Goodbye

Here we go! We are headed to South Korea! I’ve been saying that I can’t believe we are actually leaving all week. With everything COVID...

Chef's Choice

Well, we are all packed up and ready to go! Making the most of our last full week with a real kitchen until we get settled in Korea. I've...

Breaking Up

I’m sitting here at my kitchen counter watching three men carry the contents of my home out and load plywood crates up on a truck. The...


Hey there, hello, hi, or maybe I should start with 여보세요. I’m Valerie, and yes, I am starting a travel/mom blog. Because, that’s what...

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