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Army Lodging Continued

The first compliment Rose ever received was that “she was so organized”. That’s when I knew she was really, really mine. It came from the Hospital chaplain in response to Rosie neatly folding her hands across her chest when she was one day old. I am a fairly organized person. Okay, that’s not true, I am an extremely organized person. I love lists, labels and color coding. Growing up I loved back to school shopping for folders and highlighters. I liked to re-organize my Mom’s linen closet on a weekend night. I like having a place for everything. So you know it’s driving me nuts to live in a hotel room with enough luggage to get four people through 2-3 months. It looks like all our suitcases went out late and threw up all over the room. There’s Cheerios, puzzle pieces, strollers, and dirty laundry all over the place. I’ve stopped trying to organize anything at all and just joined in on the chaos that is. Nothing is put away. I have spent hours looking for something only to find the thing I was searching for previously. Needless to write - I am looking forward to getting our own place. So stick with me for a few more days in Army Lodging.

In other news - I passed my driver's test and am now the proud holder of a Korean Driver's license. Perfect to scoot around town in our new 2005 Kia! Getting all our incoming paperwork processed has been a series of lines and large waiting rooms. You take a a little deli counter ticket for everything. But instead of 1/2 pound of Boar's Head Turkey you get a ration card or a housing lease. It's surprisingly efficient. We also enjoyed a another local meal at.....Texas Roadhouse.

We move into our new place this week and we will be getting out and about soon!

What I’m reading: The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda

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Caro Chase
Caro Chase
Aug 08, 2020

Your luggage sways toward you, zipper bulging...”I don’t feel so good, will you hold my tags?”

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