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Chef's Choice

Well, we are all packed up and ready to go! Making the most of our last full week with a real kitchen until we get settled in Korea. I've been pulling my weight on KP duty this week and wanted to share some of what we've been cooking!

Let me start with saying that if I had a restaurant it would be called “No Substitutions”. If Tim had a restaurant, it would be called “Substitutions Welcome”. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about our cooking styles. Not the most flattering reflection of my meal prep approach, is it? Tim and I have settled on a method we call “Chef’s Choice” - as it implies - the one doing the cooking gets to call the shots. In our house it works.

I am working on using up all the pantry food. This challenge has forced me to alter my firm beliefs of “No Substitutions”. And folks, when you’ve drawn a hard line in the sand about this for the past six years - it’s a hard moment to overcome. This week, I made a meal that I’ve cleverly (or obviously) named “Clean out the Cabinet Chile”. That recipe carefully crafted from the third shelf of my pantry can be found below. Enjoy wisely.

After you read the recipe - you might say, “Val, that sounds a lot like White Chicken Chili”. It’s not. It’s entirely different….

Note: I kept my Crock-Pot out from the move because it’s Chicago Bears style and I hate it. This is your LAST chance Chi-Town Crock. After that…there’s a grown up Crock-Pot I’ve been eyeing (because that’s what I do now….I “eye” slow cookers.). Also, I must be a rookie Military spouse because our can opener and corkscrew are en route to Pyeongtaek.

P.S. Don’t worry my recipe days are short lived, the travel writing is coming soon. I promise :)

What I'm listening to this week: The Girl by City and Colour

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Sounds like you have this moving thing down pat.

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