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Day One

We made it! After 54 hours of traveling on three planes, one stop in Seattle, two stops in Japan, and a last stop in Osan, we are finally here at Camp Humphreys! Wait, wait, wait, you thought we had a direct flight? Oh, so did we. Tim and I both ignored that our itinerary was an entire day later than we anticipated. After we checked in for the flight we realized that instead of an eleven hour nonstop flight, it was a twenty hour flight with two stops. I won’t bore you with the details, it was a long damn flight.

We will be spending the next two weeks quarantining at an Army barracks in a space designed for two single men. I’m drawing all my inspiration to get through this from Caroline Ingalls. If that woman can journey across America in a wagon with a canvas tarp, I can do this. We all got COVID tests after arrival, and we are waiting for those results. We won’t be allowed outside until day four, when we will get 45 minutes a day of outside time. We are all on Dayton time still - so it’s 2AM here and we are all about to have lunch. What’s lunch you ask? Cup of “something”, Korean style. I’m keeping a pot of hot water on the stove to make coffee with and hand washing laundry in the sink. Pretty much exactly like living in the Little House on the Prairie, except no wolves.

(No idea if this link will work - my computer suddenly speaks Korean)

Until Day Two,


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Oh how I love this blog already 🤗!


I will enjoy your travels vicariously.....thanks for including....


Sharon Allen
Sharon Allen
Jul 20, 2020

I love this update! I've been thinking of you these past two days and hoping you'd write a blog update! What's the best way to reach you now (assuming you didn't bring your cell phones/texting won't work?). Glad the girls did ok on the flight - I know a 5 hour flight is hard with 2 littles, much less 22 hours! Stay sane in quarantine!

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