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Day Twelve

It’s ALMOST official, we are almost out of quarantine! I haven’t written any updates because there is very little to update you on. Here’s a quick run down of the highlights:

Day 12: Today…only two days left. I’ve started quoting more Shawshank Redemption than I knew I had in me.

Day 11: We got our second COVID-19 tests right before lunch. Brutal. I twisted off a Bud Light as soon as the med tech was away from the door.

Day 10: We got a new room because our toilet had been leaking for ten days. Tim and I both thought the other person was being reckless in the bathroom.

So, now you are caught up. A lot of my friends have been asking some great questions about our time here, but my favorite is…what are ya’ll eating? Well, folks, very traditional, very local, very “typical” food here. Let’s see we’ve had Popeyes, Pizza Hut, and Manchu Wok.

Rosie now thinks that if she puts on both her shoes and her mask we can leave the room. Which for 45 minutes a day between day 4 and day 10 - she was spot on. We are all looking forward to getting out of this Army barracks!



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Love hearing about your days-freedom is getting closer

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