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Groundhog Day

Alright, it’s day four of quarantine lockdown over here. Thursday for me and still Wednesday for my friends at home. I didn’t bother to write yesterday because it’s like Groundhog Day around here - and I was afraid of losing 1 of my 17 subscribers to boredom, I didn’t want to risk it.

I’ve been reading up on the best way to get the girls on the correct timezone. A lot of information floating around the web on circadian rhythms. Which makes me think a lot about cicadas, but I don’t think the two are related. But, back to the circadian process. Turns out a key component to getting the girls adjusted to a timezone that is 13 hours different is the sun light. Which as you might imagine is somewhat, limited, while quarantining inside. So, in an effort to speed up adjusting to a new nap time schedule and in hopes of increasing morale, I’ve been holding the girls up to the window. Imagine a Rafiki and Baby Simba Pride Rock moment. I can hear the music just thinking about it. The window here has a dark screen and it’s overcast out. I’ll update you on their progress.

I’ve been keeping busy by working on my cross stitch. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve starting cross stitching (thanks for sending that kit, Mom). Caroline Ingalls is wearing off on me even more than I realized. Once the girls are in bed, I sit in the kitchen/living room/foyer/dining room and work on my pattern. I’ve done my best to brighten up the barracks room for the four of us. I call it Armyhouse Modern. I hope Joanna Gaines would be proud even if the Post Exchange is out of shiplap.

People said I would learn a lot about myself and the world on this move. Well people were right, I have learned some things:

  1. Pandora music does not work over here but Amazon Music does work.

  2. It takes about four days for hand washed laundry to dry in a damp bathroom. And they don’t smell very clean after air drying in the bathroom for four days.

  3. No matter how good the marketing might be, don’t buy the all natural, mint cooling and aloe infused sanitary pads. They have an IcyHot effect.

Hope someone at home is having a cocktail for me. We have another ten days of cross stitch and circadian somethings.

Much love,


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Caro Chase
Caro Chase
24 лип. 2020 р.

The PX is out of shiplap - hahahah! This made me laugh so hard :)

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