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Hey there, hello, hi, or maybe I should start with 여보세요. I’m Valerie, and yes, I am starting a travel/mom blog. Because, that’s what women who quit their jobs and travel around the world do. Right? Well, to be fair, let me back up. My husband, Tim, is active military and we are “officially” moving to South Korea. I put the quotes in there because I’m not sure that I will believe it’s official until we are on a plane that’s heading to Asia. The last few months have felt a bit like a ping pong tournament and my little family is the ball. Going, not going, going somewhere else, okay going again. I don’t think that’s a unique situation for military families but add in a pandemic and our uncertainty has been tenfold.

So, here I sit the week before the movers come to start to document this time in my life. My two daughters are taking a very rare morning nap (at the same time) and I’ve found a somewhat crumb free spot on my dining room table. It’s like the universe to asking me to blog. I’ve resigned from my full time job working for a healthcare non-profit and accepted a full time stay at home Mom position. I hear I’ll make less and have less autonomy. I’m all in.

Thinking about my expectations for this blog and I’m unsure. So, let’s list those out. Yes, I’m sorry to tell you, I'm a list person. Here we go:

  1. A reader or two (thank you)

  2. Make good use of this new MacBook Air (the first computer that I’ve owned since college - ten years ago)

  3. Guaranteed 30 minutes a week alone with a cup of coffee (doesn’t have to be hot)

So, there’s that. What's next? Oh yes, a name. I’ve also been searching for a name for my blog. As you can tell, big things happening around my house today. Naps and blog names. And my 6 month old is about to lose it upstairs. So, I’ve settled on Dayton Dames Travel Blog.

When you look up the origins of the word Dame, the results are a the title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight OR an elderly or mature woman. That’s sounds about right, on both fronts.

So, come with me on this journey to South Korea! I promise to tell lots of anecdotes that have a one in seven chance of making you laugh.

사랑 (love in Korean…according to Google)


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