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I haven’t blogged in months, much to my own disappointment. Turns out having three little girls aged three and under is a full time job. Who knew? But, while I haven’t been writing, I have been chasing my daughters around the house and loving (almost) every moment of it. Our days are filled with long breakfasts, crafts, library visits, and singing Baby Beluga on repeat.

This winter we’ve spent more time at home since COVID restrictions are alive and well here. Which honestly, is fine with me. It gives me an excuse not to bundle everyone up and go out. If you had told me two years ago that I would be happy staying home with my daughters, I’m not sure I would have believed you. I would tell you that I need more “intellectual problems” or that I’m a “people person". But, now that I’ve seen it from both sides, I’m grateful for this opportunity to be home. I wouldn’t go back to work if I had the offer to. I like staying home with them. It’s true there are few intellectual problems to solve and very little adult conversation. But, there’s a lot of time to be creative and we have more conversations than I could have imagined. And maybe I’ve been home alone with them for too long, but they are great company.

Tim and I planned a winter vacation for our family this month. We rented a condo in the mountains at a ski resort about 3 hours from our home. I’m starting to have a new appreciation for all my childhood vacations. It’s a lot of work taking little kids places. But, of course, it's worth it. Rosie and Olive both think sleeping on floor beds is perfectly normal. Their favorite dishes to eat out are pork cutlet, rice, and pickled radish. Rosie would eat radish until she turned into one. Over the past 18 months these two have really adjusted to Korean culture. It’s pretty cool. As for me, I even eat pork, so big strides for all of us.

We were the only Americans at this resort and we got a lot of attention because of it. I’m not making this up when I tell you that Koreans really like my kids. Me, they could easily take or leave. No concern there. I get it. But my kids? They love them. I think it’s mostly because they don’t see blonde hair and big blue eyes often. Especially on little kids whose eyes still have that cartoonish cuteness. They are also really helpful when they see me with all three of them on my own. On several different occasions other women put my daughters' jackets on them, zipped them up, and adjusted their sleeve cuffs. I have three kids and two hands, and I’m not turning down the help. The girls think it’s normal to have so much attention from strangers. That might be a surprise when strangers don't help them into their highchairs back home.

Hope everyone back home is happy and healthy! We miss you.



PS: Here's my (not so) monthly book recommendation: Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

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