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Hugh Grant or Huggies?

I first heard the word hygge about two years ago. It’s the danish word for togetherness. I’m not certain how to pronounce it but I remember it like Hugh Grant…Hugh gaaaah. It’s quite possibly like Huggie, the diaper brand. I wouldn’t trust me, I’m almost deaf in one ear. Anyways, the word conjures up an idea of coziness. Fireplaces, wool socks, large cups of creamy coffee, snow falling outside, piles of folded flannel blankets, you get the idea. What I don’t think of is extra long twin sized beds, cold tiled floors, meals in styrofoam containers, an economy sized oven, or Army protocols duct taped to the back of the door. But somehow hyyge has found it’s way here. My family of four is flooded with togetherness. We are not on Korean time or Dayton time but somewhere in the middle. The space is either extremely chaotic or eerily quiet with very little in between. It’s a strange time, but I hope I will remember it as a time of cozy togetherness, a time of lots of Hugh Grantness.

It’s day eight here, which means two things: we are halfway through quarantine, and I was able to do laundry yesterday. I can safely say that I have never in my life been looking forward to washing dirty clothes so much. I spent the better half of the morning yesterday searching for the source of the horrendous smell, only to realize it was a bath towel... my bath towel. Yikes. Try not to imagine how we smell if that’s the case. Tim and I have both taken to drinking excess amount of coffee from the tiniest little coffee pot I have ever seen. Rosie spends a good amount of time watching people out the window. We have two more days of outside time (or recess as we’ve started calling it). As soon as we get both the girls to nap at the same time a voice comes over the intercom to make vital COVID19 announcements like this one “Attention building 6390, to the person who borrowed the plunger, please put it outside your door, someone else would like to use it, relatively soon”. Again, yikes.

Here are a few photos of us keeping busy.



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Will try again..hugs to you all


That's huge to you all

Like are making how you pick a topic that seems to say so much of what you are experiencing..well done..thanks..hugs to you BBC all

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