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Irish Goodbye

Here we go! We are headed to South Korea! I’ve been saying that I can’t believe we are actually leaving all week. With everything COVID circling the news - I thought this move would surely be delayed or even cancelled. But, here we are on a plane bound for Seattle! From Seattle we will take an 11 hour flight directly to Osan! All I can say is that I am so incredibly grateful that my passport and the girls passports arrived in time for us to travel together with Tim!

I am seated in a middle seat between Olive (who snagged the window seat) and Rosie. Somehow they are both sound asleep. Where’s Tim, you ask? Across the aisle…seated alone…with any empty seat next to him.

We left Dayton last Wednesday and it was such a strange time to say goodbye. Under different circumstances we would have hosted a party, stayed up too late, and told our Dayton friends how much we loved them. But this time around we quietly exited with very few bon voyages. It’s sort of an extreme Irish Goodbye. We just slinked right out of town. So, Dayton friends, please know how much we loved becoming part of the community and we hope to come home soon (soon like 2-4 years).

For anyone wondering about the Subaru - don’t worry - it’s already on it’s way! Should meet up with it again in September.

Here’s a quick list to recap the day:

  1. Number of times Rosie kicked off her shoes in the airport before making it through security…3

  2. Number of sets of clothes packed for the girls for one day…6

  3. Number of emergency back up to the back up Wubba Nub pacifiers…2

  4. Number of people I have seen wearing a mask beneath their nose….countless

  5. Number of checked bags….7

  6. Number of ukuleles we brought on the plane….1

See you later, friends!



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Missing you every minute at the same time as being so proud of you for the way you planned it all and are even ready for the delay through Japan. 11 hours becomes 20 so quickly.

Me gusta
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