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Just like mice

Cooking dinner as a Mom feels like writing a telegram in the 1930s. It goes something like this:

Cut cauliflower    Stop    Adjust baby in bouncer    Stop    Wash and dry cauliflower   Stop    Change Bitty Baby’s diaper    Stop    Pour Wine 

The entire time I’m prepping the cauliflower, I’m narrating to myself in Liesl’s voice. But instead of singing to Rolfe, I’m speaking to the cauliflower. At least I know the cauliflower won’t turn into a Nazi and blow the whistle on me later tonight. 

Also, I check under my duvet at night for frogs--just like Fraulein Maria. The count of frog farm escapees is up to five. Four living. Tim says they are just like having house mice back home…but better because they eat bugs.

There’s not much more to update you on. This is my second week at my new stay at home Mom gig. Tim is working long days, he’s been heading out around 5:30am. No I won’t be converting to military time, I have enough conversions going on. We are back in a lockdown over here due to a spike in COVID cases. So, no eating out, no non essential shopping, no kid cafes, no nothing. I’m going to have to take the travel subtitle off my blog. I’ve taken up another cross stitch and started season two of Little House. Rosie got her first tricycle and Olive is practicing her pincher fingers on the rolly pollies around the house. All in all we are settling in nicely.

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Love the photos and nice to see Rosie reading a Korean book and at least the girls should be familiar with frogs! Love you all


Denis Boyle
Denis Boyle
Aug 24, 2020

Such beautiful girls - obviously smart and cultured as can be. I hope I didn't add to your conversion woes with my view on going from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

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