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Welcome Baby Poppy!


It’s been a while, I took an unannounced “maternity leave” from my blog. I wasn’t planning to stop writing, but life took over. There has been so much that I’ve wanted to share with you. So, I’ll start with the best. We welcomed Baby Poppy into our family this past May. She joined us at 10:01pm on Cinco de Mayo. I don’t look forward to her college birthdays. Through the grace of God and our neighbors we made it through the newborn nights. I call them the zombie days, mostly because that’s what Tim and I both looked like. I cannot thank our friends here in Korea enough for supporting our family by watching our girls, providing dinners, bringing groceries, and coming over to hold the baby. And in the blink of an eye, Poppy will be three months old next week! She is giggling and smiling happily in her lounge chair as I write this. She looks like Rosie but laughs like Olive. Her sisters take amazing care of her. It’s true what they say, the third baby is the easiest. I think it’s because I’ve already given up all expectations of showering and sleeping. But really, she is a good baby. My Mom was able to join us for the month of July which was really wonderful. Despite vaccines, negative COVID tests, and normal temperatures, we were all required to quarantine for her first two weeks. The next two weeks were packed with all things Korean. And of course lots of good grandchildren snuggle time. I am very grateful for her coming. Sometimes you just need your Mom. I’m hopeful that Korean restrictions will continue to lessen and we can welcome more guests this year! We are coming up on our One Year Anniversary of being in Korea! I cannot believe it’s been a year! I’ll be working on an anniversary blog post to share with you. Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying summer and the return of some normalcy back home. Love, Val

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